.   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .

Neighborhood Spaceman (Teen Spirit on Wax) [het]
The younger Crichton intrigued her, and the differences made her want to know more.
Rating: PG13 | 7/27/09 | Spoilers: Kansas (S4)

Huddle Formation [het, au]
He's a cheerleader in college, dating the star of the basketball team. He couldn't be more of a cliché if he tried.
Rating: NC17 | 4/19/09 | Spoilers: None

on a good day [het]
He is occasionally stupid when it comes to Aeryn.
Rating: R | 7/8/08 | Spoilers: None

Old Sex and Loneliness (The Memories You Keep Remix) [het, slash]
Eventually, sex will not be enough to hold you.
Rating: R | 4/26/08 | Spoilers: None

leather, pooling [het]
She did this to him, and he couldn't hold the words back.
Rating: NC17 | 1/17/08 | Spoilers: None

Mouthful of Snow [gen]
This was Earth weather. Crichton snow.
Rating: G | 12/24/07 | Spoilers: Terra Firma (S4)

etymology (the meaning cannot be stifled) [het]
They were just words.
Rating: R | 10/26/07 | Spoilers: None

Spinning Tales (the two person chorus mix) [gen, het]
This tale is best left to Humans and the Nebari who love them.
Rating: PG | 9/30/07 | Spoilers: S3

Metamorphosis (Arachne Descending) [slash]
You feel near to bursting from your prey.
Rating: PG13 | Date: 9/17/07 | Spoilers: Twice Shy (S4)

Idle Now [het]
You can only focus on one feeling at a time.
Rating: NC17 | Date: 6/29/07 | Spoilers: None

Bleedback [n/a]
She squeezes in a little pain with the pleasure.
Rating: R | Date: 5/3/07 | Spoilers: Terra Firma (S4)

What She Once Was (Flipping the Script Mix) [gen]
Now she's turned his world inside out with one (life saving) gesture.
Rating: PG | Date: 4/29/07 | Spoilers: GEM (S3)

Back to Say Hello, Goodbye [gen, het]
Perhaps he sensed how little time they actually had on Earth.
Rating: G | Date: 4/18/07 | Spoilers: PKW

Gloss [het]
That was a lifetime ago.
Rating: PG | Date: 3/17/07 | Spoilers: S4

In Black For the Wake [het]
He couldn't see the hand in front of his face.
Rating: R | Date: 2/12/07 | Spoilers: None

Gone So Far [het]
She doesn't bother refuting the claims of a ghost.
Rating: PG | Date: 2/11/07 | Spoilers: DWTB

Company Where You Stand [het]
It spills like a gasping plea from his lips.
Rating: NC17 | Date: 1/29/07 | Spoilers: S4

This Shared Discontent [het]
He didn't have to say the word, this fear they both have.
Rating: PG13 | Date: 1/15/07 | Spoilers: S2

The Right Thing to Say [het]
[on both occasions] words were inadequate.
Rating: NC17 | Date: 12/18/06 | Spoilers: WSS (S4)

Asunder [gen, het]
She was suspended. [Not happy-making fic.]
Rating: PG | Date: 12/10/06 | Spoilers: Promises (S4)

Sharing the Wealth [het]
She's greatly underestimated just how thoroughly John has coached the boy.
Rating: G | Date: 8/2/06 | Spoilers: PKW

Shake Loose [gen]
Maybe she'll take some of that fun to go.
Rating: PG | Date: 7/6/06 | Spoilers: Crichton Kicks (S4)

When the Rainbow is Enough [het]
They've developed a shorthand in proximity.
Rating: NC17 | Date: 6/19/06 | Spoilers: S4

No Joy (Operatic Extended Mix) [gen, het]
She left them behind, she did it right this time.
Rating: PG | Date: 4/2/06 | Spoilers: PKW

No Chaser [het]
She was fed up with the take backs.
Rating: R | Date: 1/4/06 | Spoilers: Terra Firma AU (S4)

Shadowboxing [het]
This is the Crichton she's come to know.
Rating: PG | Date: 12/31/05 | Spoilers: Natural Election (S4)

Lick of Sense [gen]
She's immediately suspicious.
Rating: PG | Date: 12/14/05 | Spoilers: S1

Unfamiliar [gen]
She was alien.
Rating: PG | Date: 12/12/05 | Spoilers: Terra Firma (S4)

B/Side [het]
He forgets that he's on borrowed time.
Rating: NC17 | Date: 9/5/05 | Spoilers: Terra Firma AU (S4)

Walking Underwater [het]
He vows to be smarter in the future.
Rating: NC17 | Date: 7/30/05 | Spoilers: Terra Firma AU (S4)

Linear Progression [het]
She thinks she has the best of both worlds.
Rating: R | Date: 7/15/05 | Spoilers: Terra Firma (S4)

Unrefined [het]
He's carved his own niche.
Rating: NC17 | Date: 7/3/05 | Spoilers: S4

Harvest [gen, slash]
She tastes the gray girl first.
Rating: G | Date: 5/1/05 | Spoilers: Twice Shy (S4)

Full of Sleep [het]
She will not hesitate this time.
Rating: R | Date: 4/30/05 | Spoilers: S4

Head in the Clouds [het]
This world couldn't hold her secrets and his mistrust.
Rating: R | Date: 4/5/05 | Spoilers: Crichton Kicks (S4)

Rites [het]
His kiss was cold, and her world fell away.
Rating: PG | Date: 3/14/05 | Spoilers: ITLD 2 AU (S3)

To the Rescue [het]
Even if she couldn't understand the words it was better than the silence.
Rating: PG | Date: 3/7/05 | Spoilers: S2

Small Favors [het]
She couldn't compete with a ghost, and Aeryn Sun wouldn't stop haunting him.
Rating: PG | Date: 2/16/05 | Spoilers: Terra Firma (S4)

Gilded Cage [het]
They've done this already, but she has no words for him this time.
Rating: PG13 | Date: 2/9/05 | Spoilers: John Quixote (S4)

On Display [het]
If she didn't wake up crying it was one of the good days.
Rating: R | Date: 2/2/05 | Spoilers: PKW

Still Here [gen]
But there are no maps back, no connections, not even through his dreams.
Rating: G | Date: 1/23/05 | Spoilers: Rhapsody in Blue (S1)

Blue Light [het]
She's come to despise the color blue.
Rating: PG13 | Date: 1/13/05 | Spoilers: S4