Stargate Atlantis

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Tracing the Years on your Skin [het]
She touches the imprint of laughter and sorrow and anger on your changing face.
Rating: PG13 | Date: 3/17/09 | Spoilers: Be All My Sins Remember'd (S4)

Courting Change [het]
She knows his body better than his heart.
Rating: PG | Date: 1/19/08 | Spoilers: None

Of Friendship Evolving [gen]
They wore many hats.
Rating: G | Date: 1/16/08 | Spoilers: None

This Quiet Siege [het]
She wondered how he could feel so heavy.
Rating: PG13 | Date: 1/09/08 | Spoilers: None

Bare Skin of Her Lovers [threesome het/slash]
She did not come all this way just to refuse his invitation.
Rating: PG13 | Date: 11/11/07 | Spoilers: None

History Repeating [het]
These are the moments they possess equally.
Rating: NC17 | Date: 10/30/07 | Spoilers: None

Only a Ghetto Pass Will Allow You Safe Passage [gen, slash]
What do you know about the meeting?
Rating: PG | Date: 10/25/07 | Spoilers: The Pegasus Project (S3)

Like Wounds on Her Back [het]
Where is your love?
Rating: R | Date: 10/15/07 | Spoilers: Lifeline (S4)

Temporary Vanity [gen]
It felt as if her entire head was on fire.
Rating: G | Date: 6/18/07 | Spoilers: none

Linger Long [het]
The joy is bitter in her mouth.
Rating: NC17 | Date: 9/30/05 | Spoilers: Seige 3 (S2)

Yield [het]
A volatile and beautiful mess.
Rating: NC17 | Date: 9/21/05 | Spoilers: Conversion (S2)

Overload [het]
It was strangely important that she got the method right.
Rating: PG13 | Date: 8/13/05 | Spoilers: S2

Perks [het]
She could get used to this.
Rating: R | Date: 8/3/05 | Spoilers: none


Stargate SG-1

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Our Language as Falling [slash]
It's a hell of a thing for Cameron to see him finally yield.
Rating: NC17 | Date: 2/5/08 | Spoilers: Company of Thieves (S10)

Molasses [gen, pre-slash]
Maybe this is what death really feels like.
Rating: PG | Date: 4/30/06 | Spoilers: Demons (S3) / S9