You can always change in front of me

I’ve always been lazy when it comes to my hair. This wasn’t much of a problem when my hair was relaxed – I wore it blunt straight, or pulled back into a ponytail most of the time, or I’d bump it with a curling iron and call it a day. My hair had been tamed by chemicals and heat and pretty much did what I wanted it to do.

When I first went natural it was like my hair had decided to be a contrarian. There were a lot of growing pains during my transition that made me question if this whole natural hair journey was worth the trouble. My answer now is, absolutely! But I still have insecurities, still have doubts and question if I know what I’m doing all these years later.

My hair is as long as it’s ever been, yet I have the strongest urge to cut it short and start anew. I want to so badly at times that I wonder what’s really holding me back.

Who’s being contrary now?

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