Same time every year, not the same place.

As I stare at the blinking cursor on this blank document it occurs to me that I’ve done this before, even if not quite this way. You see, the last time I was starting a new blog the technology wasn’t in place that allowed for me to create a post on my phone. But I do so now, tap tapping from fingers to WordPress app, surrounded by family and food and Frankie Beverly pounding from the speakers. At the moment it’s “Happy Feelings” if you’re curious.

So yes, familiar ground. I wish I still had my old archives from 1.0 but perhaps it’s for the best. How I blog now should not be comparable to the sometimes hyperbolic and dramatic ramblings of my early twenty-something self. I still had so much life to live ahead of me and it showed.

I’m a little buzzed right now so I should probably end this inaugural post before the liquor starts talking for me. But I want to express one idea, one goal in my decision to start blogging again:

Write my potential, whatever that may be. I want to write about my recent travels and where I hope to travel next. My hopes and frustrations. The in-between and the fringe of my life.

At the middle or the end of this journey I want to have found the joy that I’ve held up as a beacon for so long.

“Joy and Pain” is playing right now. Seems a fitting place to hit send.

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